“Seven Soccer Skills is an exciting new book for all young football players. It encourages parents and guardians to play an active role in the early developmental stage of young players as they learn the football techniques required to become talented and skilful footballers.

The author, Trevor McMullan, has used his wealth of experience, both as a coach and as a player, to provide a valuable resource of tips and information.

Seven Soccer Skills supports the ethos of the Irish Football Association’s Youth Football Strategy, which strives to create a fun, safe and inclusive culture, thus inspiring a lifelong love of the game.

I highly recommend this book.”

Michael O’Neill International Football Manager

“This is a pivotal book in the game of football and will be beneficial to all involved in the game. It is informative, educational, easy to read and easy to understand. I particularly like the chapter on dribbling, which is ideal for any young player learning the art of dribbling and how to beat a player.”

Keith Gillespie Former professional with Manchester United and Newcastle United, and holder of 86 caps for Northern Ireland.

“I love the book! A delightful read, beautifully and consistently set out with a breakdown for players, parents and coaches interspersed with the laws of the game. The illustrations are great, child-friendly and amusing where needed, and I wish I had such a book at an early age. Congratulations on a smashing book that deserves to do well for the future good of the game.”

Dr Cameron Ramsey Trustee of Linfield Football Club.

“Trevor was a dedicated, talented and committed football player. His book, aimed at players, coaches and parents, will be an invaluable and innovative guide. Our club has almost 300 registered players at all age levels, and Trevor’s book will be a treasure of tips, tactics, ideas and resources for all of them.”

Mark Langhammer Director of Crusaders Football Club. Author, “We’re Red, We’re Black!”

“Trevor has transferred his knowledge and enthusiasm for football into this excellent, easy-to-read book. He has at all times referenced girls and included them in his graphics, which is very encouraging and important for any young girl. I believe this resource will be a great help to any parent or girl interested in football, not only to have fun, show respect and understanding but to enjoy, as they take their first steps towards a successful career in girls’ and women’s football.”

Alfie Wylie National Women’s Manager & Elite Performance Manager. Irish Football Association. UEFA Pro Licence.

“Seven Soccer Skills is an ideal book for parents, coaches and any young player. The training and coaching diagrams are simple to follow and will be of great benefit to all involved in coaching young players. This book is perfect for any young boy or girl looking to learn good habits as they start their footballing career.”

Tommy Wright Former professional with Manchester City and Newcastle United. Professional Football Manager. UEFA Pro Licence.

“I think this book is a great resource. It has a bright, modern and inclusive approach allowing the reader to view youth football via the parent, player and coach. It highlights the best health and safety practices when joining a club, and I like the subtle progression it provides to help guide coaches and parents. This book is an excellent resource for sport coaching education, as it helps provide real-life context to help support the developing sports leader.”

Phillip Toy Team Leader Sport. Cornwall College.

As captain of the Irish Universities’ football team and as a representative of the British Universities team at the World University Games in 1987, Trevor McMullan set high standards for university football. This book reflects his enthusiastic concern for the game and its participants – coaches and young players at all levels, and of course parents.”

Dr Tom Stark Former manager of the New University of Ulster/ University of Ulster Coleraine Association Football Club and Chairman of the Irish Universities Football Union.